"Hey! That girl is funny!"

- People I know AND some I don't

"I swear I've seen that girl somewhere before! "

- My dentist to my hygenist

"Where is a bathroom in NYC?!"

- My mom when she visits

Devin O’Neill is a writer, performer, and director based in NYC. She began her journey in the palm tree forests of Florida, where she studied Political Science and Theater Arts. She also dabbled in children's theater, discovering that even villainous rats can be funny. Devin moved to New York in 2012 and has been performing improv and sketch comedy all around the city ever since.


Last year, she and her writing partner wrote and performed their one act play, Opening Night, in the NY Fringe Festival. You can also check them out on Funny or Die where they were described as a “power pair”. Something she wanted to make sure you knew! Devin has also been described as “that woman with the man’s name” and “That person over there.” She accepts both and can’t wait to hear how you describe her!